Following on from the Pre-Tender Pack you will receive continuing personal contact with the C2C Support team

The C2C Support Team is here for the continued pathway, up to the final choosing of your builder.

Tender offer from a C2C Networked Builder

This tender offer is completely obligation free. It is offered not by the C2C Support Team, but by an independent C2C Networked Builder who we can introduce you to.

Your choice of builder

You are ready to choose the best person to build your project. The independent C2C Networked Builder will be able to provide all the security and cost efficiencies that few, if any other builders can… BUT THE FINAL CHOICE IS YOURS.

The C2C Networked Builder takes over the processes of Your Building Planner to continue working under complete transparency of information, for you to maintain the controls gained beforehand up to the completion of your project.

Refer to the information pack provided at the Discovery start for the full details of how the network of designers, builders, trades and suppliers bring the benefits that the traditional building sector cannot working with you under Your Building Planner.