Design and construction can be overwhelming, complicated, and full of hidden costs. Your Building Planner is a guided process with realistic budgets, complete transparency, and customer control every step of the way. Here’s how it solves traditional building dilemmas and delivers outstanding results from Concept 2 Completion (C2C).

The 3Ds in converting your ideas into reality​

1. DISCOVER – your concept

Test your Budget and Wish List before committing to the cost of design

Do you know how much your project will cost? Budget, design, and final builder’s quote don’t always meet up where they should. With the YBP Discovery tool, you can explore ideas and get a free trial budget report for your design – so you can stay true to the concept and the budget.

2. DEVELOP – your design

After confirming your wish list and budget you are free to choose one of the independent C2C networked designers or architects to continue the Your Building Planner process

Don’t get tied down to hidden costs and limited options. With the help of our C2C Support Team and you using our online Shopping List Program, to directly shop suppliers without builder supply margins, the design development stage is all about allowing you to stay on track with your concept – and importantly – on budget.  The C2C Support Team on your behalf, will gather all of the necessary information and costs from the network of great trades and suppliers, before you going to tender with a builder. All with complete transparency to you.

3. DELIVER – to completion

Take control of the building process to your completion

As stated “…that it’s the only way to go, because you’ve got total Control of everything”

Now with you ready to build, an independent C2C networked builder will tender, and you can have any other builder tender as well. There is no obligation. You choose.

With an independent C2C network builder, however, all the previous work is taken into your project. You have the control of using the exact products chosen from the Shopping List Program, without builders supply margins, and the transparency of knowing the exact real costs of your project and with your well earnt funds protected by paying only the right amount at the right time.

Your Building Planner a product of – from Concept 2 Completion (C2C) delivering

Information – Transparency – Control to customers 

Get your Discovery Started

Discover great suppliers working directly with you to bring great products into your projects and the savings of no builders supply margins.

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